Rebecca (she/her) is a Taiwanese American actor, writer, translator and authenticity reader based in NYC. Before committing herself to a life of damp subway air, she grew up in Taipei, Taichung, Brisbane and New Jersey, with a pinch of London. As a result, she draws inspiration from her multicultural background to create art that prioritises underrepresented voices. She's particularly interested in queerness, mental illness, and the nuances of the Asian diaspora vs. the sourceland.

She holds a BA in Theater and Italian Studies from Wesleyan University, where she received the Hamilton Scholarship for Theatre. She also spent a semester in Bologna, Italy, taking a masters-level course at the University of Bologna as an undergrad because she's like that. (And yes, the drinking culture is so different.)


Most importantly, Rebecca likes knitting, dislikes writing about herself in the third person and loves her two doggie godbabies: Rue the pit bull and Yukimi the mostly-dachshund-maybe-a-bit-chihuahua.